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Entry Doors

Entry Doors

Lock out the elements and add style to your home with an aluminium door from Groupe Atlanta. We have doors to match your every need. Our residential and commercial doors are available in standard and custom sizes. They are equipped with door handles and locks by Weiser, a recognized industry leader and innovator - the first to offer Brilliance™, Lifetime Anti-Tarnish Finish, Powerbolt™ keyless electronic entry system, and Prestige™ distinctive forged solid brass locks. An Atlanta door and a Weiser door handle reflect refinement and style. Add elegance and beauty to your doors with decorated glass from Novatech®, Verre Select, Vitre-Art, ArtTech, or BayLite.


Security - All our doors are reinforced by an exclusive extruded aluminium solid rail system. Optionally, our doors come equipped with multipoint locks.


Insulation - Our doors are unsurpassed for airtightness, equipped with triple weatherstripping to greatly reduce the risk of heat loss.


Durability - From concept to finished product, by way of building materials, we take every detail into account to ensure the durability of our doors.


Energy Star - Our doors are independently tested and certified by ENERGY STAR, the symbol of energy efficiency, for heat transfer rate, energy rating, and airtightness.



1 An outer aluminium bar supports the covering and keeps the jambs aligned.
2 An exclusive extruded aluminium solid inner rail enhances security.
3 Triple weatherstripping reduces heat loss in extremely cold weather.
4 Factory installation of lock guarantees an impeccable finish and an airtight seal.
5 Between door and side panel, an aluminium mullion is designed to match the trim framing the glass.

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